This page hosts files used throughout GRYPHONS Leo publications, media, and this very website. Although all of these files are available freely for download, we request that you limit their usage to official club business only. Files may be taken down, redirected, or updated without prior notice. A description of the various categories can be found to the right (below on mobile).


    • Forms: Internal use forms.

    • Logos: Official GRYPHONS Leo club logos, which are modified Lions International logos recolored to match club shirts. We strongly advise against using these logos unless you are representing GRYPHONS Leo Club. For generic Leo logos, see the Lions International website.

    • Performance Division: Media files used by GRYPHONS Leo Club when performing.

    • Project Icons: Icons representing the many projects GRYPHONS works on. As new projects are added, we will add additional icons, although there may be a waiting period while we see if the project will be officially adopted by the club. Legacy icons will be kept for consistency, although they may be moved to a different category if the number gets too large.

    • Site: Icons representing pages on the site, displayed at the top of most pages. As new pages are added, we will add additional icons. Legacy icons will be removed if they are no longer required.